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Ailments: W-X

Whooping Cough

This is a highly infectious bacterial disease characterised by a strange ‘whoop’ sound upon coughing. What to look for a runny nose, cough, mild fever and loss of appetite. conjunctivitis spasms of coughing – with the characteristic ‘whoop’ at the end. vomiting after coughing episodes. Whooping cough or pertussis, is

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What to look for a whistling sound and laboured breathing. Wheezing usually occurs in hayfever sufferers, respiratory infections, bronchitis or emphysema and asthma. Less commonly people who suffer cystic fibrosis will wheeze. You should see a regular doctor if you suffer from wheezing. Causes If you are breathing through bronchial passages that are narrow or constricted due to

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Wind is a build up of excessive gas in the stomach or intestines which can cause cramps and discomfort. What to look for abdominal bloating and pain. belching. flatulence Gas is a normal part of your digestive process, however it can still be painful and embarrassing. You can usually prevent

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