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Ailments: U-V

Uterine Cancer

This is cancer of the uterus or the uterine linings – the endometrium. What to look for… Uterine cancer causes no symptoms at onset. They will usually become noticeable as the malignancy begins to grow. But there are some women with uterine cancer who experience no symptoms until the disease

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Uterine Problems

What to look for heavy irregular bleeding, with pain in the lower abdomen or back. difficulty urinating and moving bowels, incontinence, backaches. bleeding between periods. chronic, abnormal bleeding. The uterus has two parts – the body of the organ and the cervix. It is essentially a strong, hollow, pear-shaped organ

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Vaginal Problems

These are problems that occur in the vagina (a part of the female reproductive system connected to the cervix). What to look for     your vulva is swollen and itchy. you have white areas on your vulva. there is more vaginal discharge than normal, it smells, burns or itches.

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Varicose Veins

These are veins that are swollen, lengthened and obvious just below the skin. What to look for prominent dark blue veins, especially in the legs and feet. your legs may ache Varicose veins are usually fairly obvious and bulge out from under your skin. They usually affect your legs. Varicose

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Vision Problems

What to look for   Blurred vision when you are looking at distant objects. Blurred vision when you are looking at close objects. Vertical or horizontal lines that appear blurry. Flashing-lights or spots in your eyes. problems deciphering between red and green in dim light. Difficulty distinguishing objects in dim

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This is an unappealing yet harmless skin disorder characterised by white patches of skin that have seemingly lost their ability to produce the normal colour of the skin. What to look for White patches of skin usually on exposed areas of the body- can occur symmetrically. Hair may go grey

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